The PineconeSink class is a connector for Pinecone, a vector database that excels in managing and querying high-dimensional data. It allows for efficient storage and similarity searches of vector data.


Required properties:

  • api_key: The API key for Pinecone services.
  • environment: The environment parameter for Pinecone.
  • index: The name of the index in Pinecone where data will be stored.
  • namespace: A namespace within the Pinecone index to organize data. You can define the namespace to any string you want.
Namespaces are only supported for paid tiers. If you are using a GCP Starter tier, then pass an empty string to the namespace.
from neumai.SinkConnectors import PineconeSink

# Setup the PineconeSink with required credentials and index information
pinecone_sink = PineconeSink(
    api_key = "your-pinecone-api-key",
    environment = "your-pinecone-environment",
    index = "your-pinecone-index",
    namespace = "namespace-string"