The RecursiveChunker class specializes in dividing text into smaller, more manageable sections using a recursive method. This allows for various levels of granularity depending on the specified separators.


Required properties:

  • None

Optional properties:

  • chunk_size: The target size for each text chunk.
  • chunk_overlap: The amount of overlap desired between adjacent text chunks.
  • batch_size: The number of text chunks to process together.
  • separators: A list of strings used to split the text at different granularity levels.
from neumai.Chunkers import RecursiveChunker
from neumai.Shared import NeumDocument

recursive_chunker = RecursiveChunker(
    chunk_size = 500,
    chunk_overlap = 50,
    batch_size = 1000,
    separators = ["\n\n", "\n", " ", ""]