Connect to an existing Supabase project and pull data from storage.


Required properties:

  • url: Supabase project URL (i.e. https://…)
  • key: Supbase Anon Key
  • bucket: Supabase storage bucket to pull from
  • folder: Path to files. Provide folder name is files inside a folder or path is files in nested folders (i.e. “folder1/folder2”)

Available metadata

  • name: Name of the file
  • created_at: Timestamp of file creation
  • updated_at: Time of last modification
  • last_accessed_at: Last time file was accessed

Compatible loaders:

  • AutoLoader
  • HTMLLoader
  • MarkdownLoader
  • NeumCSVLoader
  • NeumJSONLoader
  • PDFLoader


from neumai.DataConnectors import SupabaseStorageConnector
from neumai.Shared import Selector

supabase_storage_connector =  SupabaseStorageConnector(
    url = "<URL of Supabase project - https:...>",
    key = "<Anon key for Supabase project>",
    bucket = "<Bucket name in Supabase storage>",
    folder = "<Folder path inside of bucket>",
    selector = Selector(