The CSVLoader is a component of the Neum AI framework that processes CSV files, transforming them into NeumDocument objects. It allows for the specification of encoding, column selection, and other CSV reading parameters.


Required properties:

  • None

Optional properties:

  • id_key: Specifies the column to use as the document ID.
  • source_column: Designates a specific column from which to extract the main content.
  • encoding: Sets the character encoding for reading the CSV file.
  • csv_args: Allows for additional arguments to be passed to the CSV reader.

Available metadata:

  • custom: Metadata fields can be customized based on the contents of the CSV file. Simply pass a list of columns. (i.e. [“column1” , “column2”])

Available content:

  • custom: Content is dynamically derived from the CSV file based on specified keys or entire row data. Simply pass a list of columns. (i.e. [“column1” , “column2”])
from neumai.Shared import Selector
from neumai.Loaders import CSVLoader

csv_loader = CSVLoader(
        "id_key": "id",
        "encoding": "utf-8-sig",
        to_metadata=["id", "category"]