The JSONLoader class handles the loading of JSON files into the Neum AI ecosystem by creating NeumDocument objects. It offers flexible data extraction, accommodating various JSON structures.


Required properties:

  • None

Optional properties:

  • id_key: The key used to identify the ID field within the JSON structure. Defaults to “id”. Provide a value if you have a different key for your objects.

Available metadata:

  • custom: Metadata fields can be customized based on the contents of the JSON object. Simply pass a list of columns. (i.e. [“field1” , “field2”])

Available content:

  • custom: Content is dynamically derived from the JSON object based on specified keys or entire row data. Simply pass a list of columns. (i.e. [“field1” , “field2”])
To access nested fields within the JSON objects, you can use a dot notation. For example: “field1.field2”
from neumai.Shared import Selector
from neumai.Loaders import JSONLoader

json_loader = JSONLoader(
        "id_key": "id"
        to_metadata=["id", "category"]