In addition to the Neum AI Framework, we offer a managed cloud platform that allows you to host and manage your RAG data pipelines. The platform provides the same level of flexibility and modularity provided by the framework, but also the scale and reliability of having the framework run in a bespoke enviornment.

Platform features

No-code pipeline creationUI to easily build pipelines without having to write any code.
Pipeline RunLarge scale pipeline runs, supporting millions of data points. Runs are optimized for latency and reliability.
Pipeline Scheduling and Real-time SyncSchedule pipeline runs based on a cadence. Enable real-time syncs for supported data sources.
Search + trackingBuilt-in search capabilities based on your pipeline configuration, including metadata. Built-in (optionaL) tracking for retrieved results.
Pipeline ManagementManage pipelines that are hosted on Neum AI
Logging and analyticsBuilt-in analytics to monitor pipeline runs, overall data being extracted into vector databases and detect any issues.
Embeddings cachingOptimized embedding generation that reduces cost of embeddings based on the existing data already embedded.